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An odd company with an odd outlook

It's your home and your life, we work to make both of them better Decatur Handyman is a tiny little repair and remodeling company which specializes in high quality work at bargain prices. No, that doesn't mean that it's Free or that we work for Beer and Pizza. Our pricing allows you to buy blocks of time from skilled professionals.

If you are a little leery about contracting for work on a Time and Material basis, or if you don't know how much time a project will take, we will be happy to give you a free estimate and a timeline to help you budget.

Time is billed along the following guidelines:

Per man, per Hour - 55.00

For Plumbing and Electrical work, rates will vary, depending on what you work out with our partners.

Material is billed AT COST, we give you the receipts.

We offer a full range of Home Improvement and Repair services

Trim work and Carpentry

Painting - Interior and Exterior, Faux Finish

Drywall and Plaster

Masonry and Concrete

Roofing and Gutters

Windows, Doors and Siding

Animal Removal and Tree Trimming

Tile and Hardwood Floors

Decks and Fences

Power Washing

For work requiring a specialized license (Electrical and Plumbing) we work with licensed contractors who are not Decatur Handyman staff. These guys are independents we have worked with in the past and who do great work at a reasonable price. You will need to contract with them separately (since we are not a general contractor).

Electrical (in conjunction with Marvin Parker- license EN000608 and LVG003618)

Plumbing (in conjunction with Tom Pinkston - license JP505579)


We base our work on respect and promise the following:

We respect your Budget. We will do everything in our power to make sure that there are no surprises. If we run across something that we didn't expect to find, we will bring it to your attention as soon as possible and make a few suggestions to help to deal with the problem. In this line of business, the unexpected is common - "Hey, while I was under the house, I noticed that your sewer line had split" or "Were you aware that a colony of bats has moved into your attic?" - it's just one of those things you get used to dealing with. Most of these issues can be handled with a minimum of cost and effort - although removing 5,000 bats from an attic is a little more difficult than replacing a rusted section of sewer pipe...

We respect your time and routine. We will do everything we can to stay out of your hair, not frighten your cat or tick off your neighbors. (Mileage may vary with the cat)

We respect your goals. If your door was forced by a thief, we offer options which will help to stop the cretins from getting back into your house. We don't just replace a section of jamb, we replace the door and install steel reinforcements at the jamb and hinge. We are in the business of achieving results, not just doing work. Of course, if you just want the jamb replaced, we will do that...but we wouldn't recommend it.